Switch email provider

You would like to move your emails to a new provider - e.g., from Yahoo to iCloud?
audriga helps that all data is copied and no mail is lost.

Our service supports all common email providers such as GMail, iCloud, outlook.com or Yahoo. You can also use the service to move from a free email provider to a hosting package with an own domain name (e.g., john.doe@gmail.com => john@doe.com).

Please execute the following steps:

1. Get your access data ready

For the email migration you need username and password for the mailbox at current and the new provider. You need the same data which is required to set up mailboxes in an email program or mobile device.

Note: You need to create your new mailbox at the desired destination provider prior to the migration.

2. Set up forwarding

Similar to when moving a flat, you can not move the address as such but only the including emails and folders.

To receive emails directed to the old address you should set up a forward to the new address (e.g., john.doe@gmail.com => john@doe.com). A forward needs to be configured at the old email provider.

3. Move emails and folders

Forwarding only applies to emails which come in after creating the forward rule. Our migration service helps you to move all existing emails and folders to your new provider. Therefore, open our email migration service, choose source and destination provider and enter your credentials.

Note: If your provider is missing in our provider list, you can manually configure the server name or contact us.

4. Set up new mailbox in email programs

If you do not just want to read emails in your webbrowser ("Webmail") but also with a client program like Outlook, Thunderbird or with a mobile device, you need to configure your mailbox there.