Domain name transfer
You would like to transfer a domain name to a new provider and copy existing email mailboxes? audriga helps to realize a seamless transfer and makes sure your existing emails do not get lost.

On this page, we describe how you can transfer an existing domain (e.g., between hosting providers and retain your email mailboxes during this process.

Please execute the following steps:

1. Create mailbox at new provider

Prior to the transfer you should already order the hosting package at your new provider. Create a new mailbox there for every mailbox you have in your old hosting package. You should not yet transfer the domain to the new provider if possible (see also notes at the bottom of this page).

2. Get your access data ready

For the email migration you need username and password for the mailbox at current and the new provider. You need the same data which is required to set up mailboxes in an email program or mobile device.

3. Move emails and folders

To migrate your emails open the migration service by clicking the button below. On the migration website, choose your source and destination provider an enter your account credentials.

Note: If your provider is missing in our provider list, you can manually configure the server name or contact us.

4. Start domain name transfer

After the email migration has been completed successfully, you can start the domain name transfer. Therefore you need to release the domain for transfer at your old provider. Afterwards, add the domain to the hosting package of your new provider.

5. Start delta email migration

After the domain transfer it may take up to 48 hours until your new provider is known to all servers on the internet. During this time, emails may come in at your old OR your new hosting provider. To ensure that all mails have been transfered to the new provider, a second pass "delta"-migration is necessary. This feature is offered free of charge by audriga.

To use delta migration, open the migration status page from the status emails in your browser. Click on the "delta migration" button on that page. Delta migration will only transfer emails, which have been arriving after the first migration had finished. Duplicates will be prevented by our service.

Note: Check with your old hosting provider to make sure that you can still access mailboxes after the domain has been moved to another provider. Some hosters prohibit such access which makes it impossible to use the delta migration feature.

6. Connect mailboxes to domain

After domain transfer you probably have to assign sutiable email addresses to the mailboxes created in step one. For this purpose, many hosting providers allow to assign so-called "aliases" to existing mailboxes. Please contact the support of your hosting provider in case of questions to this.

7. Set up new mailbox in email programs

If you do not just want to read emails in your webbrowser ("Webmail") but also with a client program like Outlook, Thunderbird or with a mobile device, changes will be required to access your new mailbox. Therefore, you may either update settings of your old mailbox or create a separate entry for the new mailbox.

Additional remarks

What to do if the hosting provider does not allow to create new mailboxes before a domain is transfered?

For a migration an (empty) mailbox at the new hosting provider is required. If you can not create such mailboxes at your hosting provider for technical reasons, there are two alternatives:
  • a) Order a second domain name and create mailboxes under this domain. Check with your hosting provider if you can later assign additional email addresses to this mailbox ("alias"; see step 6).
  • b) Execute the domain name transfer (step 4) BEFORE the email migration (step 3). In this case you will definitely be able to create new mailboxes after the domain name transfer. However in this case you should make sure, that you will be able to access your mailbox at the old provider after the domain name has been transfered away (see also related remarks to delta migration above). Check this back with your old hosting provider before the domain name transfer since in the worst case you might not be able to access your old mailbox any more.