Supported providers and systems

Email migration


Our migration service supports all common freemail providers and webhosters, which allow to access email accounts using the IMAP or POP3 standard. Many providers are already preconfigured in our system. An overview can be found directly in the selection list of our migration application.

Missing providers can be manually configured by specifiying the IMAP/mail server hostname. Hosters can also get a permanent entry in our provider list.


When manually configuring an IMAP/mail server host name, you can also enter own email servers. This is generally possible for all systems complient with the IMAP standard. Among others, this includes:
  • atmail
  • Courier IMAP
  • Cyrus
  • Dovecot
  • Microsoft Exchange (if IMAP access is enabled)
  • Tobit (version-dependent)

Groupware migration

Our service currently supports MS Exchange and OpenXchange for self-service migration. We can assist migrations of other groupware such as Google Apps, Kerio Connect, Lotus, Novell GroupWise, SOGo, Zarafa or Zimbra upon request. Additional information can be found on our groupware migration page.